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Can certain foods increase sexual desire? The effects of aphrodisiacs haven’t been scientifically proven, but some foods are said to have special effects. We take a look at the facts surrounding these age- old pleasure inducing foods.


  • The name aphrodisiac comes from the Greek word aphrodisiakon.
  • They refer to substances that give the one the power of the Greek goddess of love.
  • An aphrodisiac works by creating sexual desire.
  • Foods are referred to as aphrodisiacs if they are thought to result in sexual enhancement
  • Scientists have no hormonal or substantial proof of aphrodisiacs, and believe they work because of the ‘placebo effect’.


These foods also taste good, so it won’t harm you to try them out!


Sweet and versatile honey contains boron, a mineral that helps the body use estrogen, which is the female sex hormone. Studies also suggest that this compound may also enhance testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for promoting sex drive and orgasm in both men and women.


It is a good source of potassium, fiber, vitamin A and C, thiamine and folic acid. Folic acid is said to boost histamine production, which is necessary for humans to orgasm.  


These are said to enhance male libido due to the high concentration of chelating minerals and bromeliad enzyme. This is something definitely to stock up.


Is there something this fruit reminds you of? The Aztecs called it ahuacuati or ‘testicle tree’. Other than the fact that this fruit is also rich in folic acid and potassium, its effects could be more to do with perceived insights as opposed to any inherent properties.


Whether the aphrodisiac effects are chosen or not, the texture and rich taste of chocolate is sensual in itself. It contains a host of chemicals which have been proven to make one feel good, excited and attracted to people around them! It also contains a hormone, tryptophan which is known to promote a sense of well-being and relaxation.