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They say change is as good as rest. Similarly, when it comes to our bodies, we need to regularly change our workout routine for them to adapt well. The following are a few tips that every gentleman should consider to add to their workout regimes.

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As much as yoga is mainly associated to the female gender, it is also equally as important to a man’s body. Gyms these days have classes set up for such activities as burpees and stretches. Yoga not only focuses on the body nut to the mind as well. This way you leave the gym healthy and happy.


You may be racking your brains out to figure out why all those long hours in the gym seem not to bring any changes to your body. You might be doing the wrong workouts for your body. With DNA training, you figure out which workout regimes work best for your body type and you save a lot of time of time and anxiety while at it. It may not tell you how many reps you need to do, but you may never have to step on treadmill ever again.

  1. BOXING:

Like we see with celebrities in most movies, boxing really builds a strong body by focusing in on muscles that cannot be addressed by regular weights. So next time you go out shopping, remember to purchase a pair of boxing gloves and box your way to a Muhammad Ali body.


Who said you can’t burn fat while having fun at the same time? Your personal trainer will have to stop calling you a baby because he might have to borrow this infant workout trick. The idea is to hold yourself in prone positions like the plank but with added movement so that it targets not only the core but the chest and cardio as well. It is not a complete workout though. It should be done at the beginning or the end of your regular workout.


Rock climbing combines cardio and strength training into one workout, increases flexibility, tones and strengthens muscles among other benefits. This workout definitely beats weights and treadmills. This also addresses the adventurous folk out there. Gather your friends and go rock climbing because it will definitely be more fun to work out and hang out with the squad at the same time. You don’t have to go climb Mount Kenya, try indoor rock climbing.

So guys, let’s go add a little pizzazz to our workouts and have fun while at it.