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How exactly do you start your exercise regiment when you get to them gym? Do you jump right in and start on the treadmill or do you get right to lifting weights? Well have you taken a second to consider why you get tired too quickly or why you can’t seem to last on the treadmill for more than a minute? You don’t stretch enough, or at all. Stretching may seem like a mundane exercise but it has it benefits, not just in the gym but throughout our daily lives.

 You’ll be able to exercise for longer

When you stretch you loosen the muscles and tendons, which helps relieve muscle fatigue.  As we get older we become less active and as a result, flexible. By stretching, we warm up those sleepy areas of our body and get them to move. The upside is you get to exercise more which in turn helps burn harmful fat and more kilojoules.

You’ll be less tired

When muscles are inactive for long periods of time, blood pools in the muscles, which makes you, feel tired and sluggish gives you muscle cramps. As soon as you move you nourish the muscles and improve blood flow. Even at work, moving away from your desk every twenty minutes or so is enough to help relieve fatigue.

You’ll sleep soundly

Well now you can bid insomnia goodbye with just a little exercise. A regular morning routine of stretching and light exercise is guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep, compared to those who do not exercise or exercise in the evening.

You’re less likely to get an injury

Stretching acts as a way of reminding your brain what length your muscles are meant to be at when you’re exercising. A ten-minute stretching session right before working out, will improve coordination and it’ll greatly reduce the chances of your muscles ripping or tearing during exercise.