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When it comes to working out we find ourselves pushing our bodies to the limit willingly to satisfy the need for fast results. HIITS work outs have become very popular over the years as they promote incredible results,they burn a lot  more calories than the steady routine work outs. They demand alot of energy and zeal thus leading to exhaustion, faster heart beat, loss of breath and excessive sweating. The recovery can be during or after.


This is where you treat fire with fire. This helps in muscles and breath recovery for the next session. For instance, if you run for two kilometres, jog or walk for thirty minutes. You can also try out biking, Pilate, dancing and low intensity aerobics. You have to be very determined and strong to move out of hell and go back immediately.


What other types of work outs do you enjoy?

Most fit people have a couple of physical activities that help them stay in shape and healthy; yoga, squats, jogging, push-ups, jumping jacks, biking, rope jumping and more. Don't stick to one place, explore and you will discover more pleasures.

Perform what your body can handle at that particular time.


This gives you time to rest, relax and recover breath and energy. This is the only time our brains get to take a break and from all the hustle and bustle of life and strenuous exercises. Good quality and clean pillow, mattress and beddings come in handy and a comfortable position will help the body to stay still. Surrender yourself to sleep and left go of everything and calm down.


Carbohydrates and proteins are a good combination of foods to help recover lost muscles and energy. Proteins are more effective in muscle build up when eaten after workout. These includes;

  • Milk
  • Fruity smoothies.
  • Grapes and cheese.
  • Fruity yogurt.
  • Rice
  • Corn meal.
  • Cereals; oats


Human beings lose body liquids everyday through sweating, if you don't,  please see a doctor. This is a way of  body detox, meaning the more you do the better for your body. The liquids need to be replaced, and as they say water is life. Drink up to eight glasses (or more depending on how much you sweat)  of water a day. This keeps your body hydrated and turgid, leaving your skin smooth, glowing and moist all the time.