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Today more than ever we have become very aware and conscious of what we put in our body after the steady increase in a number of diseases that are non-communicable but deadly. I’m talking about heart attacks, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes high cholesterol and he like ut how did we get like this? Well our diets of course.


In this day and age, we find ourselves digging our graves with our teeth; we are putting in too many toxins and our bodies cannot handle them properly as it is in excess. Our bodies have natural built-in detoxifying system, but when there is an overload of toxins in our bodies shut down as they are no longer in an environment of ease but dis-ease.  So, when seeing such effects of deteriorated health we all go into a frenzy looking for quick fixes and doing insta-diets. We have resorted to unwholesome and unhealthy dies that consist of a lot of refined ingredients and sugars. We have ignored eating wholesome foods in their most natural of states and we are reaping the seeds of our choices, which are diseases and preventable early deaths.


Direct nutrients

This is why juicing is viewed as a great way to restore balance in our bodies and bring healing from the inside out, by healing the problem and not treating the symptoms. Juicing has received its fair share of criticism because people either do not do it right or do not fully understand it. If you need or are looking for a way to detox that is healthy and does not have a bad side effects your solution is closer than you think.

In Kenya, a campaign for juicing has been launched. Unplugged. A journey back to nature. Mr. Kunga Kihohia , who was born to Kenyan parents and raised in Florida, is the brainchild behind the campaign. He is here in Nairobi as part a team creating and developing a DocuFilm around health and wellness. This film’s premise revolves around a personal and professional paradigm shift, empowerment, and return to a holistic healthier lifestyle. The film is only but a part of his campaign where he advocates for juicing as a way to rejuvenate our health. His life journey is one of inspiration from discovering wellness and holistic living in his campus days, to starting up a successful business that leads to healthy living habits and even being homeless for 5 months. The Africa Rising narrative prompted him to come back to Kenya since economic growth leads to lifestyle diseases, especially of the middle class. He first attended Hippocrates Health Institute for 5 months to cleanse and lose some weight  as he had gained over 150 kg .He is currently doing a 100-day juice only fast as part of his journey and curating this in the DocuFilm. He has a 20- acre organic farm in Thika and is doing what he believes is his calling: bringing healing and a holistic and healthy lifestyle to the masses.


Benefits of juicing

Juicing is about drinking your daily nutrients in their most wholesome form i.e. raw. Green juices have been in Kenya for the last few years but not understood: thus they have not caught on as much. So what is juicing and what are benefits? Juicing your green veggies and fruits is the best way to get them into your diets without a fuss. Most of our diets are low if not deficit of fruits and vegetables. Our bodies need their nutrition to function at optimal condition. We also tend to overcook our vegetable and get dismal nutrition from them and that is where juicing helps get all the nutrients. Juices are made of plants in their raw state, which advocates say it’s the best! In addition the body is able to take in a lot more nutrients since it is in drinkable form.  The same amount of vegetable needed to make one glass of green juice cannot be easily eaten in one sitting. For example, it takes 2kgs of carrots to make one litre of carrot juice. Since the nutrients are in a readily absorbable form your body quickly absorbs and assimilates them in your body, forget energy drinks, these juices are best energy booster without negative side effects.

Dealing with challenges

When juicing vegetables and fruit you are extracting all of its vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber. What remains is the pulp which is mainly fiber. The main concern that comes with a juicing diet where you only consume juice for a period is that fiber, calcium, protein and essential oils for the oil-soluble vitamins are not present so you miss this important dietary needs. This is where you balance out your juicing by adding things such as olive or coconut oil especially for certain herbal teas.  You can add a bit of the pulp into the juice to counteract these problems. For proteins, there are many vegetables high in proteins like broccoli and spirulina which is 55% protein. The great thing about juicing is that you can easily add it as part of your diet to ensure you get your necessary intake and take a glass thrice a week and you will be way better health wise than ever. To ensure you get the best and most natural juice possible you must use only ‘organic’ fruits and vegetables. ‘Organic’ meaning that they are grown with the least amount of human interference: no harmful chemicals, no greenhouse, and no chemical pesticide or chemical fertilisers! This ensures you are not adding any toxins since that is what you are eliminating from your body when juicing.