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 “I’m sure you’ve looked at a housefly in a matatu and wondered how it got there, or how it will go back home, or if it has a home. Maybe you always wonder why guards at a government building act like you’re carrying a bomb when you want to take a selfie, or why that chic or dude you like so much is acting like you’re some ‘maji ya vyombo’ ”. Now you’re probably thinking about it, aren’t you?  This is what you’ll most likely find when you look up the site Mister- Left, and I guarantee you, you will look it up.

Mister-Left is a humour blog run by Irvin Jalang'o and Ian Duncan. Irvin Jalang'o, 25, works as a journalist at The Nairobian Newspaper and also doubles as a PR practitioner. He graduated from Moi University with a degree in Media Science in 2014. Ian on the other hand is 23 and fresh out of campus waiting to Graduate from JKUAT with an IT Degree.  Mister-Left was first founded by Irvin in 2015 on a free blogging platform, but later he partnered with Ian for the full site.

How did you two meet?

 We met in 2014. I was an editor for some upcoming magazine (it never saw the light of day) and a friend from JKUAT said he had a friend who was a beast with words. He showed up with Ian at Mocca Restaurant on Cianda House. We didn't talk. He emailed an article. Looking at it, I felt he and I could work together quite well. His words and style were appealing. I edited the piece, sent it back to him and he was happy I made something out of it. Next time he sent a better article that only needed a different headline. From then on we have been friends, a little banter on Social media... Friendship that brought it up.

Why the name Mister-Left?

We thought of the most humorous name to show we are not mister-right... But we wouldn't want to be mister-wrong. So Misterleft works. We officially moved to the new website in January 2016. Our Facebook Page is also  Misterleft.

What inspired you to write humour?

 Well, being alive. Being alive, you see everything, you laugh at some, and you scoff at some, saddened by others... All these experiences from life, we felt the best way was to make people laugh at it. And we also just like telling stories.

What are your future Plans for the blog?

 When starting the blog, we wanted it to be the one stop click for intelligent humour locally. It remains the dream. That when someone somewhere is scratching their heads over deadlines, traffic or whatever the stress... They'll think of MisterLeft. We hope that more humour writers will be inspired and amused enough to send us pieces for publication.