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My name is Damien Souchet and I am the Martell, Mumm and Perrier-Jouet Brand Ambassador. The whole idea is to be the face of the brands, share the values of the brands in the markets and of course share the passion I have for them.

How has your life leading up to this point been?

I’ve lived in France that’s why I have a French accent and my father is a wine maker so we have a vineyard at home and it was pretty big topic in the family because it is a job you do from Monday to Sunday everyday of the year. That’s how I fell in love with the wine-industry and decided to go step by step in the Spirits industry. I graduated from a business school in France and lived abroad in a couple of countries like Peru, Russia and now Kenya to learn more about the drinking culture.

What do you spend the most on?

First has to be fashion. I love fashion and I usually have good clothes. Another is alcohol and champagne but that’s really a lifestyle so I don’t know if it counts. I spend a lot on cars as well though. So I’d say those three.

Manicures, massages or garage and workshop?

Definitely garage. Am always in for a new project. Am a yes man. But I like manicures as well. I like things when they are well done, am kind of a perfectionist. When you work for a brand like the one I work for, Martell which is a luxury brand, you need to convey a certain image. So the idea is if you are not a perfectionist yourself, how will you give that attention to detail?

Suit and tie, or jeans and t-shirt?

Suit and tie

They say you can tell a lot about a man in regards to what shoes he chooses. What’s your opinion?

Yes, shoes matter. Am an easy guy in that I love boots. A nice pair of proper leather boots for me will do. most of my shoes will come from Italy even more than France. Am a bit patriotic because the region I come from, northern west of France, we are famous for fashion, because Coco Chanel is from there. So you can find really quality clothes there.

What your most comfortable shoe?

It has to be boots. Leather boots.

What new projects are you working on?

It’s confidential, but we are going to launch a few products around Martell soon. I like to play a bit around the cocktail industry with Martell and create some very nice cocktail. That’s the project and it’s going to be launched around July or August of this year.

Any advice you would give to someone looking to venture into your line of business?

 Karibu. This is industry is very interesting. People think it’s very competitive but the style of this industry is ‘take it easy’. If you have good products you won’t have to become a shark or such. It’s a nice industry based on quality and good image and luxury.   You get to meet a lot of people so if you can speak multiple language all the better. Also if you want to get in to being a brand ambassador, bring your personality to the job because as said it involves meeting people, and they want to meet someone personable, exciting, engaging and is going to give them a great experience. People more often than like a drink based on what happened when they were having a drink rather than the drink itself.

How would you sum up your life in three words?

Dare, win, celebrate.




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