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Pierra Makena is a DJ, TV host, Head of marketing and commercial at Ebru TV, and a mom.

How did you end up on TV doing let’s talk?

I got poached from my morning show gig. I have always wanted to do a talk show and that works for me. And obviously this felt like a natural fit for me. That kind of work was easier for me even though it was real life and not acting.

What was your 1st thought when you realized you were pregnant?

I was like, OMG! Am I going to do this by myself? I had just broken up with baby daddy. Then I figured, alright, fair enough. I can do the challenge. I have always wanted a kid. I am old enough to get a baby and my ovaries agreed.

How was been a mum changed you?

It hasn’t changed me much but I am more careful about what I do. I am more caring, very emotional about things, learning to make money and save money for a better living. I work for a future not just for the sake of working.

How was your experience of pregnancy?

I had a perfect pregnancy. Though it was stressing going through the pregnancy and the break up at the same time. I lost a lot of weight. I was actually around 49kgs. I went through depression, but when I realized life goes on, I started gaining back some weight. I never got morning sickness. Just hot flashes here and there, and a 24-hour labour and then there was a baby.

The most ridiculous rumor you ever had that made you fall off your chair.

The ridiculous are people guessing my baby day. It is hilarious. If they would look keenly at my baby they would tell who the father is. DJ MOH. Ruto. I dot even need to tell them. Every time I hear a name I just laugh. It always makes me happy.

Did your gut tell you something was off?

You always know when something is off. I guess that’s why you settle for a break. My family, they all know him and they could not be bothered. We are a tight-knit family and I have all the support I need to raise his baby. I never blamed myself for the way things turned out. I did the right thing. I was happy when we were together and my baby was born out of love. No regrets.

When Ricca asks…

I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Are you ready to date?

I am definitely going to date. But I am not in a rush. And I do not want to play games. I want to do it right.

Who is your biggest support system, and how did you create it?

My family. Definitely. From the moment I announced I was pregnant, I didn’t cook for myself. My house was always clean. During labour, they were all there with me in the labour ward. My dad always insisted we should all be there for each other.

Is being a mother anything like you though it could be?

Oh hell no! I thought it was like a swim in the ocean. Bumpy, bumpy then you swim through it. Sleepless nights, teething, but it is the most wonderful thing ever when you look at your baby. The positive outweighs the agonies of not sleeping.

How did your sense of self change from Pierra single and carefree, to being pregnant to being a mum?

It hasn’t changed much. In terms of dress code I can’t wear my crop tops because I still have the baby weight. Now I have started gyming to get back to what I was before. Most of my dresses are dictated by ‘I am going to breastfeed today?’ ‘Will I be able to run around and after her?’ ‘Can I feed her comfortably?’ The fashion sense is still there but it has to accommodate my baby more than me.

You have quite a strong following on social media. What, if anything would you like your followers to know about you?

I think they know pretty much everything about me. They know I am very conservative, very private when it comes to my personal life. If there is anything I want them to know, I will let them know.

Does social media help get you gigs and make money?

Of course it does. However, being an influencer sometimes, people want to use you for what they are pushing. I am a very positive influencer and like to be associated with big, positive brands. I like to keep it positive and complimentary.

What made you choose to introduce and share Ricca with the world on social media?

I introduced her to the world because she was born and is part of my life. I was trying to run my life as normal. I knew she was going to be in the picture because she is part of my life. But I won’t post just so people should follow her. That is why I have not opened an account for her.

How do you handle the constant stream of opinions people very willingly share on social media?

I find that people don’t bother me. They have their own opinion but they don’t affect me in any way, because I am a strong person. Unless you are paying my bills or you are family, you are allowed to have an opinion but it won’t just count.