AJUMA: The Jetsetting Life
Issue # 49   December 2017

AJUMA: The Jetsetting Life




Khalifa Louie of Cool Pixx Studios


Ludovick Mwamburi


Ruth Odhiambo


JW Couture


Annerose Njoroge


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I do not know about you, but I love the holidays!!! Not sooo much because of the festive season – which is great, yes but gets less and less exciting as you grow older – but because of the promise of the New Year! When I was in my early 20’s I was all about New Year Resolutions, 3-month detoxes, new fitness regimens et al. But, that would usually only see me until my Birthday in the end of January, or worse yet, if I did get through the first three months, I would usually go back to my “unhealthy” ways with abandon immediately after. Not a very wise way to deal with life.

Now that I am older, and perhaps a little wiser, I get into the new year with a little more structure and long-term planning. I no longer believe in New Year resolutions but instead believe that you can resolve to become a better version of yourself at any point in time; as long as you feel the calling. So my annual plans usually involve financial goals, travel goals, family and relationship plans, work plans etc. and it is usually done in two phases; the first one in December just before the holidays, as we close the year and a second review on my birthday which conveniently sits at the end of January. At this point you have already seen the pace the year is starting with and you can adjust accordingly. More often than not, I will also do a mid-year review to asses how the year has been so far, and whether I am on the right path to achieving my goals for that year!

I also like to use this period to review my learnings from the year. These would usually stem from successes and failures attained in the year that was. New significant relationships created – professional or social. A personal audit to review my lifestyle and the personal choices I made through the year – were they to or against my advancement as a human being? You get my drift. Whilst I have not delved into my annual review to share with you my learnings as of this writing, the purpose of sharing this information with you is to put you to task. What do you do to mark the New Year? As you go out popping champagne and enjoying cocktails with your peoples, have you taken the time to sit in silence and think through the one thing that matters most in your life – YOU? If not, there is a first time for everything… Regardless of how you feel the year went for you, I would like to extend this challenge to you so that you can step into 2018 with focus, vigor and vision!

Happy Holidays and an even Happier 2018!

Love & Light