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Remember Wanuri Kahiu? Or her historic film, Rafiki? How can you not!? Some time back, Rafiki movie was the talk of the town for being the first Kenyan movie to premiere at the Cannes film festival – then, almost simultaneously, got banned in her home country, by the Kenya Film Classification board on grounds that the movie promoted homosexuality. Then the director recently filed a lawsuit against the board demanding a lift on the ban that has forbidden viewership of the Rafiki movie in Kenya, among other popular cartoons and films like Adventure time and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Finally, Wanuri, the director of the “Rafiki” movie finally has justice on her side as the High Court ruled against the film’s ban. The ban which had been imposed by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) on grounds that the film promoted homosexuality, has been temporarily lifted for seven days; allowing Kenyans to watch the film. During the seven-day suspension period, the film will be free to screen in theaters to any willing adults. The movie will be showing at the Prestige Cinema Plaza from 23rd to 29th September.

This is in time for Wanuri to submit the film at the 2019 Academy awards for it to be eligible to compete for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Category; making Rafiki the first Kenyan film to be nominated in that category. For the film to be eligible for the award, it required to be showcased in home country before September 30, which is the deadline for Oscar nomination submission.

Rafiki has received its due praise since it premiered at Cannes film festival earlier this year. The film has since screened in Ghana, South Africa and most recently to a sold-out crowd at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Congratulations to Wanuri for the historic win!