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The #RoyellesRevolution is all about inspiring girls to revel in their uniqueness, embrace their authenticity, and explore their dreams without inhibition. - Mukami Kinoti Kimotho, Founder and CEO, Royelles Inc.


Frustrated by her 4 year old daughter’s struggle to fit in coupled with her fears that she was not as 'pretty' as her friends, Múkami Kinoti Kimotho got to work. After speaking with hundreds of moms across the globe and realizing the serious extent of the matter globally, she created the Royelles avatars. She describes them as ‘a truly immersive and differentiated play experience that intersects fashion, technology and inclusion to entertain, educate, ignite and empower girls.’


The four avatars come equipped with inspiring stories to get your girl empowered. Mara, the warrior princess, Teti, a best selling author and a single mother of three and Tanni, a classically trained & world renowned contemporary dancer. Each Royelles avatar’s backstory is carefully crafted to showcase the possible opportunities in the Arts as well as STEM fields. The avatars also come in different body types: a child form, an athletic adult form and a curvy adult form. This will go a long way in ensuring that young girls see themselves in the avatars, no matter what shape or size. The curvy adult size is by far the most popular.


With your help 1 million Royelles avatars will be in the hands of 1 million girls. This noble cause is still on  Kickstarter, and the process is all-or-nothing. This means that if they do not manage to raise $100K by the 31st of August they do not get the funds pledged. If they do though, they will manage to make a strong statement to young girls about the fact that they are fully equipped to make their special mark on the world.


Check out Mukami’s YouTube video that speaks to why the #RoyellesRevolution is so important.