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Sally Shomba might be young in her years (she's only 28), but she has rightfully gained the reputation of being one of Nairobi’s top interior designers. Sally is bringing hip and elegant designs to Kenya through her firm, Micore Interiors, which has designed a variety of residential and commercial luxury interior spaces. Sally’s client base is ever expanding, and now even includes clients as far as Kisii.

We love how her vivid and distinctive flair brings new daring energy to any space

From her first design job to what inspires her to her top tips to decorating, find out more about this brilliant and ambitious young mind.

Who is Sally Shomba…

Well…..I am a lover of all things unique, beautiful and artsy; from spaces to bags to furniture. I love both the ordinary and the unique pieces that make you wonder what to do with them. I believe that my life is a journey so I try to learn and better myself at every stage. I value honesty, good vibes and passion in people and only surround myself with positive people.

I am a mother to a two year old girl that is my walking, living and breathing heart. I’m very big on family, food, wine and quality time.

What does Mic’ore mean?

The word Mic’ore means Zebra in Kikuyu, and so does my name Wambui. So, what's it all about really? Micore Interiors is an interior design company that serves to provide reliable, cost-effective, creative and functional designs for all interior spaces, while fully expressing the client’s personality and needs. I try to be very open minded in all projects so that they all have a unique factor that reflects the client. In addition, this year we are venturing into the events market trying to provide a va va voom for specific events.

Tell us about how you started Micore Interiors?  

Four months after my daughter was born, my cousin gave me an opportunity to design his new office in a factory setting and I was ecstatic. Being a stay-at-home mother, I was excited to start something that would enable me to work and do something that I love, and still be home early enough to continue breastfeeding. And three years later here we are.

Just like that, wow! Have things changed since you started?

Yes, definitely! I have learnt so much, gotten to meet so many different people, travelled to places I had never been to and given me a new found discipline.

Kawaha Kulture in Kisii

What have been the highlights of being the owner of Mic’ore Interiors?

Honestly, the gratitude of a happy client. I love seeing the process of transformation and I believe my work is never done until my client is completely satisfied.And what about the difficult bits… Well, just like any business, we do experience some very slow months that see us having few projects. But, it has taught me, consistency in business is key, so through those months I try and learn more, research more and better myself and my team more.

Tell us, what does a typical day look like?

In my life there is no typical day, all days are unique. There are days I wake up and I’m out of the house with no breakfast and onto site just to ensure what is being done is done correctly and under my supervision. Most days, however, I wake up, have a healthy breakfast as I check my emails, and read any new design articles and plan my day.

What do you love most about what you do?

The design process and the actualisation of the design. This is when I sit, earphones on and get lost in sketching, designing and music.

A little of Sally's touch at Kahawa Kulture

Design and Décor: what inspires you, and is there a particular design style or genre that you’re particularly attracted to?

Every design has a different inspiration and mostly depends on the client. Personally, I’m currently in love with the minimalist and industrial design style.

Tell us a bit about your personal style at home?

Well I have a toddler so basically our home is full of toys, shoes, at every corner. However, it is more of a modern design with an African personalised twist. However, I am looking to decorate into a minimalist design just as soon as we start school.

Besides houses and designer projects, what inspires you on a daily basis?

My daughter and support system that consists of a few family members and friends. One could argue that they love my dream too much to ever allow me to let it go.

What have you done that you are most proud of?

Starting this business, even when I had lucrative and comfortable employment positions offered. And my journey on self -discovery

Simple yet chic: 3 Star hotel in Nairobi

When working on a new project, how do you overcome your fears or challenges?

GOD! And just getting up and doing it as well as researching and reading on everything that I intend to carry out in the project.

What’s your best advice for readers who are just embarking on a big decorating project?

Just as you put an outfit together, put your space in the same way. Do not overdo it with colour or accessories. Simplicity is ALWAYS KEY.

The Alps Hotel in Nakuru

Any last words?

It is never too late to follow your dreams, so just get up and DO IT!

Do not accept complacency, keep on learning, keep on reinventing yourself and become the best version of YOU that you can be.

Life is short, live it full of love, passion and happiness.

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