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Gemini is a Kenyan visual artist, who has created a range of wearable art in the form of scarves and sarongs with her original paintings digitally printed onto them. The scarves and sarongs come in two fabrics with a wider range of eco-friendly fabrics coming later in 2016 and early 2017.

There are two collections per year with a minimum of five designs in each collection. The scarves and sarongs are limited edition with only fifty prints per design to maintain uniqueness of each design similar to limited edition prints of artworks.

The aim of this move to fashion with art is to provide the market with a range of wearable art which is more practical than the original art itself. The scarves can be used in various ways because of its 1m x 2m size, like stretching it on a frame as a wall hanging or create other fashion items like tops and dresses from the fabric. Gemini also aims to create a range of men’s scarves by 2017.

This fashion accessory promotes art and fashion on the same level to create awareness of the African fashion and art industries.  Gemini aims to further expand this line to include more of her works to further the African fashion industry into the world markets with unique designs inspired by Africa as a whole.


Couture Africa - WEAREABLE ART