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White simply stands for purity. It is both bold and elegant. White theme parties are where all participants are expected to wear white clothing. The annual white party has been held for a variety of reasons: for charity causes where funds are raised, for big parties or to mark an annual event. It differs from country to country.

 White portrays the most utter form of elegance more than any other colour possibly can. Although, if we were being honest, we would know how challenging it is to wear white be it either stepping out in public or when you are cooped up indoors. If you don’t have a lot of ideas on how to go about all-white outfits and nailing them with flawlessness, we have got you covered.


Mix It Up

Do not be too predictive; with a clean smooth look head to toe you might end up looking like everyone else in the room. Add a little fun with different textures!


Classic LWD

The little white dress is a true classic staple it may be black or white or both. Doesn’t mean you play it down; go for an unexpected clean symmetric cuts!



It is very simple wearing a unitard just be sure it is not a bother to you and you end up dreading to enjoy the party for some reason. It is also very convenient and it will get you through the chilly evening.

Skirt it

A two piece is probably your safe bet and you can choose to pair it with an optional item to add an edgy or subtle look!