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I’m also trying to embrace womanhood - taking more risks with dresses and skirts. As long as I feel good. - Sheila Kwamboka




Give us a brief profile of yourself

I’m a radio presenter. I also run my own company called Light Bulb Entertainment (LBE), we do events, marketing, PR, talent management and audio-visual production. I also run an NGO called Sauti za Africa. So basically I like to think of myself as an entertainment connoisseur as well as a humanitarian. 

Describe your style

My style is actually in transition at the moment. It took me a really long time to embrace dresses and skirts- I’m super tomboyish. Basically, my look is comfortable. 

What is your favourite accessory?

My watch. If I leave the house without a watch, I’ll probably have to send a cab guy back for one. I really value time and though I know there’s a clock on the phone, but, I guess I’m old school; I’ve always had a watch since I was small.

Where do you normally shop?

Online. And Toi market. When I travel is when I visit the mall there to shop, because I have time. Here, I’m embracing online shopping because it’s convenient; you see something you like and you get it delivered rather than walking. I hate walking around and trying things. I want to shop places where you’ve already picked the best and put them there for me to pick, that’s why I love online shopping. But I do like Toi, it’s a gem-anytime you go there you’ve find something impressive.

What is your favourite colour?

I’m a monochrome kind of girl. Most of the colours you find me with are black, white and grey. It’s evolved actually, because initially I was into blues but now it’s changed over time to black, white and grey.

What do you spend the most money on?

In my wardrobe, shoes. Definitely shoes. I’m a size eight. So every time I go somewhere that first, has stocked size eight shoes and there’s a nice variety, I buy them.

What do you spend the least money on?

Probably clothes that I buy at Toi. I have this lovely flea market blazer I bought at Toi for 300 bob. I’m all about the bargain.

If you were to travel anywhere in the world for a weekend shopping trip, where would you go and why?

I enjoyed Senegal because I’d always find some interesting and random pieces. Dubai as well, of course. I’m addicted to Dubai mall. For me, travelling to shop is not fun. I’ll shop anywhere I travel for anything.

What is your must-have item?

Definitely a watch. It’s a non-compromise. Everything else I can live without; I don’t really accessorise much.

Whose style do you admire when it comes to local or international celebrities?

Bonang Matheba. She is flawless. Part of the reason why I like her style is not because she wears nice clothes, it’s because she carries them well. You know, you can give anyone else those clothes she’s wearing and they wouldn’t look good. She adds life to them; I love her confidence.

What is your personal style secret?

I’m a minimalist. If you’re getting an ensemble, always have a great clean pair of jeans and a nice blazer. You can always change the top. And that’s a look you can wear and change up for any occasion.


Make-up by Kate Waititu of Kanai Beauties, Photos by Khalifa of Cool Pixx Studios