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Listen, I know we have all thought of wearing yoga pants to work without looking like a slob. Actually, we have probably worn them when we definitely had no intention of working out in the first place. After all, what’s there not to like about a look that favors elastic waistlines and stretchy staples?

There is no doubt that the athleisure trend has peaked, and to be honest, we all love the whole tech-leisure look – the cardio-to-coffee-talk look. From marl sweatshirts to brightly-colored sneakers and sporty leggings, activewear pieces are now at the forefront - but with a satirical spin. It is effortless and super easy to pull off with the right pieces.

Here are some basic guidelines on how best to blur the lines between fitness and fashion and execute this directional athleisure vibe for your office, brunch or even evening cocktails;

Stick to the neutrals

We all love fun-patterned leggings for the gym, but outside of that, they can seem very vibrant and a little…aggressive. Prioritize on sophisticated, monochromatic palettes and grown-up neutrals to keep the overall vibe chic. Neutral-toned leggings seamlessly double up as stovepipe pants, letting you take your beloved stretchy pants from the studio to the street. Add a few elevated basics like an embroidered blouse and a leather bootie or pump to make your yoga pants look fashionable, not frumpy.

Include some trendy pieces with your basics

Until recently, fitness clothing did not have trends. It used to be all black; now it is more seasonal that you will bang on trend. Featuring beautiful mesh inserts, branded elastics, and jaw-dropping details, bras, bodysuits, hoodies, and leggings are now made to fit both casual and social settings. There is no excuse for wearing old college t-shirts and ratty ill-fitting leggings. Keep up with the seasonal trends by incorporating subtler sporty elements into your wardrobe. Throw on a varsity jacket over a pair of jeans or wear a killer pair of sneakers with a dress or skirt. Do not restrict yourself to a full dull tracksuit.

Invest in pieces that mix function and fashion.

Your activewear really matters girl! You don’t want to show up at the parent-teacher meeting with sweat rings on your stomach or pit stains on your clothes. Neither do you want to have everyone knowing you have cellulite or the color of your undies! This one may seem kind of silly, but you would be shocked at how sheer leggings have become of late. The material in your workout needs to be sweat-wicking, odor-resistant and quick drying. Also, realize that some places lend themselves better for wearing workout gear than others.


Have your sports style mimic your normal style

If your wardrobe is 95 percent monochromatic or flowery, and then all of a sudden you start wearing neon spandex, it might feel as if you are wearing a costume. We are not knocking spandex, but an easy way to elevate your normal gym style without too much trying and keep your forays into athleisure from feeling too jarring, choose pieces that are similar in vibe to the rest of your wardrobe. Also, for starters, try mixing and matching classic stretchy fabrics with less expected ones like faux leather and mesh.


Accessorize appropriately.

No transition is complete without a change of accessories! They work with virtually everything under the sun and feel great too. It only takes one piece to take your athleisure look from the gym to street. A trendy pair of mirrored shades, a plaid shirt tied around the waist, a structured leather jacket that takes your look from Pilates to powerful . . . the key is that the piece has a sleek, sporty feel itself. Accessorizing your street-sport look goes a long way to successfully pulling off gym wear at your local coffee shop.