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In a world that’s basically ruled by Instagram, the iridescent makeup look has taken over. The iridescent makeup look is bang on trend for 2018, and we at COUTURE definitely have an eye for it; since we love everything that makes us sparkle, feel powerfully-feminine and magical.

Yes, cooler, silvery tones can be tricky against ebony skin but if you’re craving a little more magic in your life, we break it down on how to best wear holographic hues.

Whether you want your lips to twinkle, your brows to sparkle, or your cheeks to gleam, we’ve got you covered. To let a little more magic in your life and channel your inner unicorn, take these why not give these ethereal makeup tricks a shot.

1. Start with a glow-enhancing primer or foundation

To get a perfect long-lasting glow, use a foundation or primer with light-reflecting properties to lend your face a luminous glow. However, moderation is essential to achieve a more grown-up look. Unless you are heading to a music festival, you probably don’t want to meet your friends for coffee with a pound of glitter on your face. It is best not to douse yourself in glitter.

2. Focus on one part of your face, then go from there

If you are intimidated by the iridescent makeup look, it is best to start with one part of your face then proceed to the rest of the face. For instance, you can try an iridescent eyeshadow, then do the rest of your face neutral colors or finishes you are more comfortable with. After all you want to just a bit of shimmer, but not look as if you are coming out of a rave.

3.Let your lips do the talking

Start with an iridescent shade on your lips that is subtle but enticing. This will make your friends do a double take when you smile. You don’t have to play on any skin-tone rules when it comes to the lips color, since the colors are often so unnatural. All you need to consider is how much of a statement you are willing to make.

4. Choose a highlighter that compliments your skin tone

Depending on your skin tone, you should always choose a shade that perfectly matches with a natural beautiful features. Stick to complementary colors so that the end result is visually pleasing. For instance, if you have a warm skin, go for colors like red and yellows. If you have a cool skin tone, pick more cool-toned colors like blue and green. Mix and match the duo-chrome shades for a rainbow-highlight effect on your face and body.

With all the new magical highlighters, new types of pigments, lipsticks, and a rainbow of prismatic hues out there, there is no way you can’t achieve that coveted, ethereal, holographic look reminiscent of fairies and unicorns and have that pretty face reflecting a hundred colors.