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It may not be the biggest jewellery trend for 2018, since it's been happening for a while now, but across the board earring styles are bigger, brighter, edgier and more sculptural than ever, with some even extending way below the shoulder or in mismatched colours. 

So take note: Nothing will quite make a statement like long, bright, bold and big earrings. 

Forget delicate studs and take things to new realms by pairing your outfit with mismatched, asymmetrical earrings (or singular: earring) in bold colours? Or add texture with feathers and tussles? 

Statement earrings are guaranteed to take your outfit to the next level. Here are our picks for the most dazzling statement earrings to inspire any outfit.

Consider this, your inspiration guide.

Earrings by Anita Quansah

Harvest Collection by Pichulik

Harvest Collection by Pichulik
Cosmi Light Horn Earrings by Adele Dejak
Vertex Earrings by Kipato Unbranded
Big Beetle Cream Tassle by Anna Rosholt
Tassel Earrings by Nina Bosch Porcelain Jewellery