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Whether worn as a bold beauty statement or a knowing nod to the new season, pink make-up is a wonderfully versatile look.


The prissiest color in a makeup palette, pink is far more audacious than we give it credit for. 

 For the eyes: Here’s an amazing way to give your eyes that flirtatious and fun look that only pink can.

Be clear. Use eye-whitening drops. Line the rims with a flesh-tone eye pencil and dab primer on the lid.

Go strong. If you have dark or olive skin, draw a line of electric pink or fuchsia along the upper lash line, winging it out at the corner, or make one line on the bottom lashes for an impact.

Take it easy. If you have fair skin, swipe the lid with dusty pink. Concentrate on the outer corner. (Too much pink at the inner corners makes eyes look puffy.)

Note that when tackling pink eyelids the key is eradicating any dark shadows beneath with an illuminating concealer. That way the hue won't enhance a bad night's sleep (never a good idea), but detract from one. Black mascara is a given.


Lips: The difference between edgy pink and sweet pink is matte lipstick. So, here are tips on how to it right:

Pick your pink. Shades that are more white than blue brighten fair to medium skin but look harsh against dark skin. The latter needs the strength of magenta, neon pink, or violet pink.

Avoid gloss and glitter. A shiny or glossy lip looks cheap. With that said use pink matte lipstick which have a balmy quality. You can never go wrong with this.

Get in line. Choose a lip liner that's the same color as your lips or that matches your lipstick. Use it to pencil in your lips entirely before applying anything else.


Pink On Nails: When applying pink on nails, it should look synthetic or chemical, like a pink that could never exist in nature. Look for pink shades that read a little yellow, gray, or muddy. To kick up the cool factor a notch, finish with a matte topcoat. If you don't want to go full matte, mix a bit of matte topcoat into the polish before you paint it on to give the polish a rubberized texture

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