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Braids are a Kenyan girls’ favourite vacation look. It is easily manageable, and you can get the look in whatever colour, style and length you want.

Here are some tips to keep your braids looking fresh and protect your natural hair over the holiday season!

How To: Take Care Of Your Vacay Braids

Prepping and installation:

  • Wash, deep condition and stretch your hair the day before installing your braids.
  • Do not install your braids too tight. They can harm your hair from the roots.

After installation:

  • Mix shampoo and water in a spritz the mixture on your scalp, gently massaging it with the palms of your fingers. Rinse it all out in the shower, repeat the same process using conditioner, towel blot and let the hair air dry.
  • Moisturize your hair and scalp by massaging a mix of coconut, olive, rosemary oil using an applicator bottle. Dry hair will result in breakage especially when removing the braids.
  • Regularly moisturize the braids using a mixture of water, aloe Vera juice and glycerin in a spray bottle. Make sure to mist the roots as well as the entire length of your own hair. Rub your scalp to seal in the moisture.
  • Cover the braids with a silk or satin scarf every night to keep them frizz free, smooth and neat.