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A closely cropped style is a high impact look that is equal parts sexy and edgy. It is versatile enough to keep your morning hair routine to a minimum yet works with any make-up look, jewellry and outfit.

You could choose to visit a barber shop for that clean close shave or do it at home by yourself. Just make sure the sides of your head has a clean cut, making it shorter than the center of your head.

Get The Look

  • Wash and condition your hair, apply your products.
  • Take an inch of your hair, stretch and twirl it until it begins to coil.  To ensure that your coils don’t come undone easily, make sure that it is coiled all the way down to the scalp.  
  • Repeat this step until all of your hair is coiled.  
  • Once completed, sit under a hooded dryer to dry your hair completely.
  • Products to use - Styling Gel and Coconut Oil.


Photo by Clement Kiragu,Make-up by CulturedEgo,

Hair by Peter of ZenRed Salon and Spa

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