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The internet has been very persuasive trying to have us buy into some outrageous beauty hacks and DIYs. It seems, the weirder, the better! Now, there is Milk of Magnesia (M.O.M) - yes, as in the laxative; to be used as the alternative to your ‘pre-face-beat’ primer. 

This beauty trick is for the real O.G. as for years it has been touted by online beauty pundits, as a superb spot treatment as well as a toner for ace prone skin.

For you who’s clueless about M.O.M as a beauty hack, and this outrageous business of smearing laxative all over your face; we are here to tell you, that indeed M.O.M is used as a primer, keeping your makeup in place all day, errday. You will definitely need if your face is uber oily (read: shiny) and your foundation has completely melted by the time you are done applying your eyeshadow. To keep that unwanted shine at bay, Milk of Magnesia is your go-to.

M.O.M works by absorbing excess oils and controlling shine by creating a layer between the foundation and the face, ensuring that it doesn’t sink into the skin. You can alternatively use the laxative as a mask or spot treatment leaving you with a smooth fresh canvas.

To use the laxative as a primer, shake the bottle well then apply a thin layer of it all over your face. Rub it on your face then wait till it dries before you can apply your foundation. You can also concentrate it on your most oil-prone areas, like your chin and the T-zone.

All said and done, M.O.M may turn against you. Though most of the reviews for this beauty DIY have been positive, dermatologists warn that M.O.M can wreak havoc on your skin with repeated use, causing acne and irritating your skin. This is due to the strong alkaline pH, which is higher than the skin’s neutral pH. Using it once in a while, however, is okay. 

So, is this beauty hack, laxative on your face, hype worth the try?