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Your beauty practices must not be at the expense of your general health. If you are guilty of asking your girlfriend to share her lipstick, chapstick or gloss with you read on. The following are products that you should never swap or share unless you are using a disposable applicator.

Make up sponges

This is like dusting someone's germs all over your face! The sponges are made up of very porous material which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Eye and skin infections can easily be spread through sharing this beauty product. The sponges and brushes should be washed with warm water weekly to dry completely to kill bacteria. If you really do not know how to say no to people borrowing your make up, always buy an extra pack and carry it in your purse wherever you go.

Lipstick and glosses

Sharing anything that touches the lips might spread contagious germs and infections because the mouth is a playground for bacteria .The infections may be as bad as oral herpes, so never share these sensitive products.


This cannot be emphasized enough. Anything that can nick and draw blood and bodily fluids should never be shared. A small nick could easily spread Hepatitis B and other infections including HIV in extreme rare cases.


The eyelids are a very easy entry point for bacteria. Bacteria that cause eye infections can live on your eyelids for weeks before infection shows so avoid infection by not sharing the eyeliner at all.

Make up in a jar

Jars are mostly dark and moist, the best environment for bacteria. We mostly never make sure our hands are clean before dipping them in a cream jar. Always make sure you sanitize your hands before applying make-up and if you really must share ask your friends to use a cotton tip.

Antiperspirants or Deodorant Sticks

Most of us have found ourselves in a situation where we forget to swipe on some deo before we leave the house but borrowing your friend's deo is not a solution! The sweat odour comes from the bacteria that break down sweat from our skin. Sharing a roll-on stick is the same as actually sharing germs, fungi and yeast. On a more gross side, sharing deodorant sticks can transfer hair and skin cells!

Manicure and Pedicure tools

As harmless as it sounds, people easily get cuts from using these tools hence putting yourself at risk of contracting an infection.

Here are important make-up safety tips:

  • Never share make up with friends
  • Always make sure your hands are clean before dipping them in a jar
  • Change your make up after six months
  • Never use an old applicator on new make up
  • Clean sponges and brushes with warm water weekly
  • Make sure jars are closed tightly
  • Store make up away from extreme heat
  • Never sleep in make up