Issue # 42   May 2017



Khalifa Louie of Cool Pixx Studios


Ruth Odhiambo


Kirat Khalsa


Annah Mburu


Shalom Neema from Make-up by Rose


Katungulu Mwendwa

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CELEBRATING MOTHERHOOD is always a great thing for any daughter, son or mother [that should cover every being, right]. And this month in
COUTURE Africa, we celebrate the great work that has been done by Janet Mbugua-Ndichu in her #IAmMotherHood campaign as well as talk so
some fabulous mums [and grandmoms] on their personal style, as well as their beauty and grooming tips. We also celebrate ALL modern mothers,
because they make it all look so seamlessly effortless.

A lot of brainstorming and research has gone into putting this issue together, during which I came across one article that caught my attention, in a way
that none other did. Said article was talking about the modern-day mom and how little guidance has been given to her to help her become who she
has to be today; a working mother where motherhood in the workplace is more oft than not considered an inconvenience to the status quo. It is quite
ironic because I do remember a male business owner quipping about how expensive it is to hire young women because they always seem to be getting
pregnant. I laughed his not-so-witty remark off at the time, but it was not until almost eight years later that I recognized the weight of his words. I too may have fallen prey to this mentality. I hear myself repeatedly telling women to focus on their profession, career and related qualifications as
their claim to fame and/or success and leave home-at-home. I mean, we are competing in a “man’s world…right?” Well, I shall leave this ‘man’s world’
conversation for another day, however, what I have realized is the domino effect our mentality has on younger girls. Suddenly, being a wife and mother
is no longer appealing to them… Certainly not when you can be Olivia Pope. And I am talking about Brainiac smart girls who look up to the Oprah’s of
this word…and it makes me wonder… Is our aspiration as women – beyond all else – killing future generations [literally]?

This is why our CELEBRATING MOTHERHOOD is so powerful for me. Because I would like our young readers to see that there is still lots to be embraced in our traditional God-given roles as women, simply taken up with a modern twist [and when you spot our grandmother in this issue, she will guarantee that you do not look shabby doing it]. Happy reading.